I write nurtured copy that makes businesses grow.

Storytelling-driven copywriting and content for SaaS & tech

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A picture of Joel Hans, tech copywriter in Tucson, Arizona

Effortlessly grow your tech brand with nurtured copywriting and content.

Here in the Sonoran Desert, a young saguaro cactus can't grow without shade from a nurse tree. The climate is just too harsh.

Tech businesses are no different.

You're facing constant competition and disruptive thinking. Your website has to convince visitors in a matter of seconds.

You can't afford complacency or a pitch that isn't precision-focused on getting users to fall in love with tomorrow—when they're getting real, life-changing value from your product.

You can't afford to be like everyone else.

Smart people hire me to give them a helping hand with their conversion copywriting.

I root my strategy in exhaustive research that eliminates guesswork. And then I used deeply-resonant storytelling techniques that inspire the right people to take action.

What do you get out of it? How about 2X conversion rates. Or calls to action that actually work. Or a website that inspires, not confuses. Or a brand that makes you stand out and grow.

That's nurtured copy.

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A picture of a saguaro cactus
Joel was our first marketing hire and has been a key member of our marketing team since 2016. Joel is deeply and uniquely talented in voice, branding, and copywriting. I strongly recommend taking the opportunity to work with him. Matt Connor, Strasmore & SSD Nodes
Headshot of client Matt Connor

Hire me to write nurtured copy that will grow your business. Get back to doing what you do best.

I'd love to use conversion copywriting and storytelling to turn more of your visitors into customers. But first, let's talk. During a 20-minute discovery session, we'll discuss fit and you'll walk away with some essential new knowledge:

  • First-hand advice on your current copy and content from a professional with nine years of experience
  • A diagnosis of why your brand's story might not be inspiring the right people to take
  • My vision for your business with nurtured copy and content
  • Whether we're a good fit to work together!

The call will be rapid-fire, critique-heavy, and relentlessly focused on your nurtured future. Ready to get started? I'm currently available for remote consulting projects.

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Available for:

  • Audits of existing web copy
  • Copywriting of new sites or landing pages
  • Customer research, including surveys and heatmaps
  • Content marketing strategy, including every written asset you'll need to inspire visitors and turn them into customers
  • Email campaigns for onboarding, retention, and more
  • A/B testing for incremental-but-essential improvement
  • And more...
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Writes a mean sentence. Real-world experience with geniune tech disruptors. Lives for writing stories. Loves to get dirty with a mountain bike.