It's a harsh world for content out there. Let's nurture yours.

I take unenergized content and transform it into a predictable channel to boldly tell your story, acquire your ideal customers, and grow your business.

People fall in love with stories, not features or products.

If your brand gets visitors but not customers, it's probably because they don't understand your story.

A brand's story is many things, but first and foremost it's a clear, simple message about how your product can help make someone's life better.

Not sure how to tell your story? I use a proven framework that helps you create a clearer message that turns visitors into customers.

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1. Develop a clear story.

Your brand has power. Leverage my proven framework to say what you do with clarity and confidence.

2. Free up your time.

You know how to run your business. Work with an expert so you can focus on the tasks you know best.

3. Find more customers.

When customers believe in you and your products, your marketing makes sense and your business grows.

Brands I've helped nurture through content:

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Our experience with Joel was wonderful. He was very professional and took the time to really understand what we wanted. The communication about edits went very smoothly as well and we are really happy with the final copy. Cassidy Warren, Travelti

Hi, I'm Joel Hans.

And I know how to find a story. If you're just starting a business or looking to grow what you already have, you might be trying to figure out how and why your marketing doesn't always click. That's where I come in. Let's try it.

High elevation, 280-something days of intense sun every year, 110°F summers, an average of 12 inches of rain every year: The Sonoran Desert is a remarkably harsh place. And yet, the saguaro cactus thrives here.

It's an iconic emoji, too! 🌵

How does the saguaro survive these conditions? Young cacti lucky enough to take root beneath mature mesquite, ironwood, or palo verde trees take advantage of shade and humidity. They prosper under the protection of their nurse tree.

Over the next few decades (unlike your business, saguaros tend to be slow-growers), the saguaro grows and strenghtens its southfacing skin enough to take on the desert sun.

Now that's what I call growth.

Confusing content burns a hole in your pocket and prevents your business from growing, much like a young saguaro without its nurse tree.

After working with dozens of high-profile companies to help clarify their story and generate content that creates growth, I know how to help you boldly tell your story.

Get your own nurse tree. Stop languishing in the sun. See what your nurtured business can really do.

A picture of Joel Hans

How we'll work together:

The process of clarifying your story and improving your marketing across the board isn't a simple one, but I use a proven storytelling framework to make it as seamless as possible. That frees you to work on the parts of the business you love most.

It's simple and frees you to work on the parts of the business you love most. No more worrying over how to nurturing your brand's message.

1. Schedule a call

We discuss your business, your needs, and how we could better tell your story, together. You'll leave with actionable pointers plus a vision of what's to come next.

2. Nurture clarity

I'll walk you through my framework for creating clear messaging based on storytelling fundamentals. You'll learn how to translate this message to any business context.

3. Grow your business

Visitors will start to fall in love with your story because they finally understand exactly how it helps them. Then they'll start to fall in love with your product, too.

Last chance!

Let's use content to turn your visitors into your users. After a 20-minute call, you'll walk away with some important new knowledge:

  • A short-term path to growth through content
  • Pointers on what's working and what isn't with your content
  • Whether we're right for each other!
Schedule a free strategy session

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