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Remembering clarity by breaking my hand

I broke my hand while mountain biking. Typing is really hard. That helped remind me of how important clarity and simplicity are in writing.

27 copywriting clichés tech businesses need to delete

Tech businesses love to borrow certain tired phrases when they talk about themselves. Here’s some of my worst offenders in 2019 so you know what not to say.

You and the Brandless copywriting — Copy Break #1

Brandless aims to produce high-quality, simple food products. Does their copywriting follow the same formula?

1 stupidly simple tip to help you write copy of your dreams

An exercise for copywriters, content creators, marketers, and makers who wish they could write copy like their favorite brands.

Taglines vs. slogans: What's the difference?

Knowing the difference will save you time and money, and will set you apart from the copy-less competition.

Your writing toolkit should include Grammarly—here's why

Grammarly will help you finish what you’ve started, and teach you about your own writing along the way.

An exercise to help you start writing

Writers tend to struggle against three main sources of stress: 1) a disinterest in learning how or continuing to write on a regular basis, 2) a lack of time or energy, and 3) worry.

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