The road to nurtured copy and content is surprisingly effortless.

1. I learn about your problems.

After you contact me and I'm confident I can help, we'll schedule our 20-minute discovery meeting.

We'll chat about your business, your budget, and your biggest problems. Together, we'll get a better understand of how copy can help solve those problems and get your business growing.

Some clients don't even know what they want yet. If that sounds like you, we'll also schedule a paid roadmapping session to take a deeper dive into your audience, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Now you'll have:

  • A solid idea of how I'll help.
  • An understanding of my process, skills, and the value I'll bring to your company.

2. I create your growth plan.

Now that I have all the details I need, I build a quote, proposal, and growth plan that you can sign electronically.

Once you approve, I'll send over an invoice for a 50% deposit and schedule your project.

Now you'll have:

  • A firm quote.
  • A kick-off date that works for both of us. Let's do this!

3. I research how I can drive value (while you get back to the work you do best).

I'll begin to examine your current branding and the voice of your customer to figure out the exact tone that inspires your audience.

I may also ask for existing customer research and access to web analytics or heatmapping data.

I'll also figure out what your competitors' most successful ideas, identify how we could make them even better, and identify other missed opportunities.

Now you'll have:

  • Confidence that I understand your business and its leading opportunities.
  • A better picture of who your customers are.

4. I write the first draft of your nurtured copy.

Now that I have all the details I need, I get to work creating the first draft. I combine research, voice, storytelling, and language that's proven to inspire the right people to take the right action.

As I work, I'll organize my research into a growth path document and put my nurtured copy into a wireframe so your entire team can understand how—and where—my words will work.

Along the way, I'll send you quick daily messages to inform you about my progress and ask any last-minute questions.

Now you'll have:

  • A first draft you'll love.
  • A generous handful of questions and comments to help make the end product even better.
  • Time to review my work and make suggestions.

5. I edit the work based on your feedback.

After we've talked and you've given me your honest feedback, I head back to make revisions. I typically account for one or two rounds of input and editing.

Once you're happy with my work, I send over an invoice for the remaining balance and release all your deliverables.

Now you'll have:

  • Nurtured content that's ready to go live!

6. We launch, together.


I'm on hand to make sure the process of bringing your new content online goes smoothly.

Now that the results are coming in, we can accelerate your growth potential by looking at data and crafting variants for AB testing. I can begin an iterative process to ratchet up conversions and make your website even more impactful.

Now you'll have:

  • A website with nurtured copywriting.
  • More leads, sales, and everything else your business needs.
  • Growth that you don't have to spend time on.

Why wait for nurtured copy? Why settle for idleness?