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Doubling Black Friday sales with a conversion-focused new product landing page

Client: SSD Nodes

This virtual private server (VPS) hosting company has two really essential days every year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In 2018, they decided to up the ante by launching a new product on the busiest (and riskiest) day on the calendar. They needed a killer deal and a unique landing page to bring home sales.

I've worked with SSD Nodes for years, so I quickly got to work using previous research and an in-depth understanding of their customer base. I researched the new product's technical prowess and wrote copy that translates jargon into simple language that helps visitors see a future in which they're getting real value from a faster, better version of the product they already love.

The results? We more than doubled sales compared to the previous year. Talking about pulling through in the clutch.

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A screenshot of the SSD Nodes 10X landing page. Text and a table displaying the savings for switching to SSD Nodes

Launching a SaaS business with a bold story: there's a better way for PR pros to pitch journalists

Client: IMG SRVR

IMG SRVR is Detroit, Mich.-based SaaS startup, founded by professionals in PR and marketing for the arts. They experienced their own difficulties in staying accountable to clients while maintaining positive relationships with key journalists on the arts beat. They understood the desperate need for an all-in-one media center that helped PR pros deliver pitches with streamlined assets and no hassle. That actually made a journalist's job easier.

I worked with the founder and his team to develop new taglines and revise existing copywriting to be more active and impactful. I helped the IMG SRVR team realize the real value of their product was not in its features, but rather how it would help PR pros create a better experience for journalists. After launch, I wrote a welcome email sequence and all the usual transactional emails.

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A screenshot of the IMG SRVR homepage A screenshot of the IMG SRVR homepage A screenshot of the IMG SRVR homepage

Promoting a tech giant's analytics breakthrough via targeted, nurtured content

Client: IBM Streams

The folks behind IBM's streaming analytics division had an incredible, Forrester-recommended product and happy clients like Verizon. They still felt like their marketing efforts were lacking—they needed to tell more CTOs and data science professionals about their products remarkable real-time capabilities.

They brought me onboard to create a comprehensive eBook targeting one of their biggest verticals: call centers. I engaged with product heads and engineers to discover the product's most valuable features so that I could present readers with a vision of their future *with* IBM Stream Computing in their pipeline.

We even got Verizon to cough up information about how streaming analytics was making call centers a pleasurable experience again. Incredible.

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The first page of the IBM Streams ebook A sample graphic from the IBM streams ebook