Hi, I'm Joel. I'm a storyteller.

But I'm a lot of other things, too. I'm a father, creative writer, mountain biker, and lover of the desert who's been writing for a living since 2009. Let's drop in.

This looked way steeper in person.

I'm a full-time copywriting and content consultant in Tucson, Arizona who has worked with clients like IBM, Red Hat, and Autodesk.

I've been writing professionally for ten years.

A picture of Joel Hans, tech copywriter in Tucson, Arizona

I have a Masters (MFA) in creative writing from the University of Arizona. You'd better believe I'm using all the skills I learned there to write more impactful copy that's backed by the way real people react to storytelling.

I've published dozens of short stories at some prestigious magazines. Read a personal favorite of mine here. I even wrote a piece of fiction for some brilliant people at Johnson & Johnson! That was fun.

Let's go even deeper.

I've loved writing for as long as I can remember.

hen I was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, I wanted to register for an introductory creative writing course, only to discover it was typically reserved for sophomores or juniors.

I was persistent. I didn't want to wait. The administrators asked me to prove I was good enough by submitting a writing sample.

I got in. I had proof there was value in my passion for writing.

After graduating, I landed a job as an editor for a trade publication for industrial maintenance professionals. Sounds thrilling, right?

I wrote hundreds of stories, published thousands of newsletters, and toured dozens of manufacturing plants. I spoke to CEOs, grease-to-the-elbows maintenance gurus, and everyone in-between.

I learned about the publishing world, but perhaps more importantly, I learned about how real businesses reached out to potential customers and talked about their products.

There, I realized the impact copywriting and content have on a business that wants to grow and sell more.

After five years as an editor, my wife was (finally!) graduating from veterinary school. I decided it was time to pursue a long-held dream of mine: an MFA in creative writing.

After a dozen applications and plenty of nail-biting, the creative writing faculty at the University of Arizona accepted me into their program. My wife and I moved to Tucson and immediately fell in love with the Sonoran Desert.

After graduating in 2016, I was faced with a choice: Go work in an office for someone else and use my writing talents every once in a while, or go work for businesses all around the world who need more impactful copy right now.

The decision was easy.

In 2016, I launched Nurse to focus on storytelling-driven conversion copywriting.

After just a year, I landed clients at some of the highest-profile companies in the tech world. I also had my first child. Not a bad year, I'd say.

A picture of Joel and his daughter

I've expanded my marketing know-how to include SEO, customer research, lead magnets, wireframing for conversion, paid advertisements, email automation, and even some front-end web development.

But the core of my work is focused directly on growth through nurtured copywriting and proven content strategies.

Or, to put it another way: I help clients make a lot more money.

The feeling of being accepted into that creative writing class was good. Offering real value to businesses that want to grow? That's even better.

Let's get results together. Learn about my process, see my work, or get in touch.

Why Nurse? It's a name inspired by my favorite phenomenon of the brutally harsh and beautiful Sonoran Desert.

High elevation, 280-something days of intense sun every year, 110°F summers, an average of 12 inches of rain every year. The Sonoran Desert is a remarkably harsh place.

Yet, the saguaro cactus thrives here. It's an iconic emoji, too! 🌵

How do saguaros survive? Sadly, most don't. Only the seeds lucky enough to be deposited beneath the shade of a mature mesquite, ironwood, or palo verde trees have a chance.

They prosper under the protection of their nurse tree.

Over the course of decades (saguaros are slow-growers), the cactus outgrows its nurse tree strengthens its south-facing skin enough to handle the brutal desert sun.

My mission is to help businesses from languishing in the sun with impactful copy and a irresistible story.

See what your nurtured business can really do. Let's talk.