Nurtured copy is more than pretty-sounding words.

I've seen too many smart businesses with great products idling because their copy and content isn't impactful.

Most of my clients are looking for a custom-built package of nurtured copy or content. Here are just a few of the ways I can help:

  • Audits of existing web copy
  • Copywriting of new sites or landing pages
  • Customer research, including surveys and heatmaps
  • Content marketing strategy, including every written asset you'll need to inspire visitors and turn them into customers
  • Email campaigns for onboarding, retention, and more
  • A/B testing for incremental-but-essential improvement
  • And more...

Tell me about your project and I'll get you a precise quote that clearly explains not only what I'll do for you. More importantly, it will also detail how nurtured copy will get your business growing.

Want to get started right away? Looking for more definition?

I offer three packages with transparent prices and specific deliverables for both recurring and one-off projects.

Get the content-driven growth engine your business deserves

I helped SSD Nodes grow its blog by 3194.12% in just eight months.

A graph of the SSD Nodes blog growth
An example of what's possible with nurtured content and a smart growth strategy.

Think about what that would do for your business. More leads for your website to convert. More love for your brand. More being at the tip of your industry's tongue.

If you want nurtured content, you want it consistently, and you don't want to think about it for a second, this is the growth engine you need.

I'll build your content marketing engine, including:

  • Regular strategy sessions to get us on the same page
  • Weekly long-form posts that are both educational and SEO-optimized
  • Newsletter copy to accompany every new post
  • Monthly lead magnets to capture leads
  • Social media posts for every post to boost engagement

Starting at $1997/mo.

Need copy tomorrow?

You're about to launch a new product. Or ship a new feature. Or you know your copy is off, you're missing out on valuable conversions, and you need more impactful copywriting yesterday?

I can't change the past, but I can craft nurtured copy for your business in less than 24 hours.

In that time, I'll write fresh copy for up to 5 pages on your website, new company bios/descriptions for social media or listings sites, and a copy strategy document that will help you round out your company's story well into the future.

Engagements start at $1497. I am currently available for these 24-hour copy projects.

The fastest pathway to a website with nurtured copy: a video audit

Feel like you have a solid copywriting foundation, but aren't quite getting the conversion rates or quality leads you need?

A video audit will put you on the right track. I'll audit up to 10 pages on your website during a 10-15 minute video recording where I examine your copy with fresh eyes.

Audits will give you constructive criticism and offer a step-by-step path for clarifying your business' story and messaging.

I'll even throw in recommendations on user experience, web design, and brand trust.

You'll then be able to follow up and ask questions on an open-ended 20-minute call that's all about getting you the most value.

Video audits start at $397.

For custom packages (my most common engagement) or other questions, please fill out my contact form and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Learn about the full range of services I offer.